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The Evolution of ICC:
A History in Acquisitions & Mergers

Tenric, Inc.

Founded in 1979 by Managing Partner Tim Thorn, Tenric originally manufactured electrical control panels. This expertise in production is the foundation for the reliable, quality-assured manufacturing process of The Industrial Controls Company today.

LAS Automation, Inc.

Don Lavrenz founded LAS Automation in 1995 as a controls engineering firm. Originally operating on his own, Don moved LAS into the same building as Tenric to leverage the firms’ complementary strengths. LAS contributed directly to the core competency that ICC is known for today: specialized controls expertise and intelligent, cost-effective solutions.

Absolute Automation Systems, Inc.

After several years of working together and learning that they shared the same “customer first” business philosophy, Tenric and LAS Automation merged in 1999 to form Absolute Automation Systems, Inc.  The new company leveraged the combined design and manufacturing experience to provide more complete quality services to customers.  In 2010, the company rebranded to The Industrial Controls Company, Inc. to better represent its strengths.

Absolute Engraving, Inc.

After struggling to find a company that could offer both fast turnaround and great quality for industrial identification and safety labeling & guarding, Absolute Automation decided to develop the capabilities of engraving and full color sublimation printing in-house. The separate business unit was later rolled into a division of The Industrial Controls Company. Now called Labeling & Identification, the commercial & industrial product lines were re-launched in 2016 to communicate what we do best: deliver high quality at the speed of manufacturing’s demand.

Consolidated Cable and Harness, Inc.

Established in 2002, Consolidated Cable and Harness, Inc. fills a need in the market for modular connectivity of field equipment electrical termination at the panel. Today, Consolidated Cable and Harness is a service of The Industrial Controls Company for external customers who require custom harnesses as well as a way to increase efficiency of control panel manufacturing in-house.