Every company has core beliefs, a set of guiding principles. Whether you call it a motto, slogan, tagline, mission statement, or company credo, the intent is to convey the company’s purpose to the rest of the world. It is the foundation of who we are, what we do, and why we get out of bed each morning.  That is why it’s posted in the front entryway to our headquarters and why we’ve published it here on our blog (see below).

At The Industrial Controls Company, this is our purpose. We know it. We believe it. We live it.



The Industrial Companies, Inc.

By Don Lavrenz

We believe we are not in the industrial automation business, but in the people business.  Providing engineering services and control panels is simply the channel we use to create the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.  Or primary objective is to ensure the customer is overjoyed with us, and comes back every chance they get.

We will achieve this customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering the finest engineering services and controls systems, on or ahead of schedule, at or below budget and all accompanied by “knock-your-socks-off” service and support.

To deliver that requires talent, commitment and resources.  We start by hiring the right people.  We then strive for continual improvement at all levels, investing in developing individual employees as well as our engineering, manufacturing and business systems.

We will constantly evaluate and utilize technology to increase quality, improve efficiency and lower costs.  Indeed, we will create the technology if it doesn’t yet exist.  “Good enough” is not part of our vocabulary.

Lastly, we are committed to making a profit.  Profit enables fair pay for our employees.  Profit is also required to allow us to pay taxes, create reserves for adverse times, invest in new systems, pay for mistakes and reward stockholders for their risk.  While it is important to watch short-term profit, we will never “cut corners”.  A long-term, sound profit signifies that customers value our work and that is a result that can only be achieved by doing everything right.