Project Description

Discovering Ways to Save a Food Company Time and Money


A large packaged foods company planned to add 36 microwave systems built by a Swedish supplier. Complicating matters was the fact that the microwaves ran on programming written in Swedish. ICC was challenged to reverse-engineer the brains of those microwaves so they could be integrated into the company’s production lines.


Getting all the production system controls talking required 1) translating the microwave programs into English, 2) writing a program to connect the microwave systems into a fully functioning line, 3) designing controls to make it all happen and 4) assembling the wires, relays and necessary hardware in a timely manner.

As a bonus, we were also able to output real-time, time-and-temp cooking data captured from the microwaves. Reports based on this data were then submitted for FDA compliance purposes, eliminating the need for separately testing the food products coming off the line, saving our client much time, trouble and expense.