Project Description

Partnering On Next Generation Technology


GE Power & Water manufactures a popular and successful octane analyzer. While the marketplace loved the product, the design dated back to the 1920’s and hadn’t seen a major upgrade since the 1950’s. Servicing these units was becoming a challenge as replacement parts grew increasingly scarce.


As GE’s trusted partner, The Industrial Controls Company was tasked with creating a next-generation octane analyzer to be used in fuel testing laboratories across the globe. The goal was that the new analyzer had to deliver the same accurate, dependable results as its predecessor, but could be built around up-to-date technology and readily available modern components.

Once our design and materials specifications were approved, we were entrusted with responsibility for the entire build process — from procurement through final production, including the creation of a cell-based continuous manufacturing flow nimble enough to meet GE’s production demands.


Designed with the operator in mind, the panel is user friendly, intuitive and accommodates users of all skill levels. The new controls allow increased productivity and shorter training periods. They have also significantly reduced the need for operator involvement. Additional benefits include reduced maintenance, increased through put and faster testing time.

Our manufacturing team has proven to GE that our on-time delivery rate and quality levels are stellar. In fact, we have achieved “green flag” status. That means the control panels that come out of our plant bypass the need for GE to inspect them. Instead, they ship directly to GE’s customer. Our panels are that good!
Equally important is the fact that we have hit GE’s cost goals and eliminated 50% of the manufacturing time that it was taking to produce the previous generation product.
The end result is an octane analyzer less costly to produce, less costly to service and one which requires service less often. Whether we beat the old record of 90 years in service, only time will tell.

“The Industrial Controls Company has been a valuable asset to GE.  The employees at ICC have always gone above and beyond to assist whenever possible, almost as if they are employed at our company.  They are always very prompt in responding to any issues, making it number 1 priority to solve the issues. ICC employees have always been very personable and easy to work with, and, whenever GE has changed sourcing or quality contacts, ICC has been very understanding, patient, and helpful.  GEs overall experience with ICC is extremely positive, and we hope to keep up this strong relationship in the future. Thanks!”

– Carrie Deau
CFR Product Engineer
Distributed Power
GE Power & Water