Project Description

Relationship Building Goes Beyond Technical Competence


Wherever you go in the world, you’re bound to find Kimberly Clark.  This manufacturer of consumer brands such as Kleenex, Scott Towels, Pull Ups and Cottonelle, markets its products in more than 175 countries.  And they maintain administrative, manufacturing facilities, operating and geographic headquarters in more than 60 countries.

Kimberly Clark reached out to sixteen panel manufacturers with the goal of finding the best value through Cost, Engineering and Delivery.  The Industrial Controls Company was chosen based on several factors:

  • Our real time design reviews are a continuous process, rather than batching.  This means that modifications or corrections are less time-consuming and help alleviate or eliminate the need to make changes downstream from the initial design.
  • They admired the persistent but professional communication before and after the sale, which demonstrated our commitment to project requirements and customer satisfaction.


The Industrial Controls Company followed its established set of processes for risk identification and design review.  According to Don Lavrenz, ICC President, “Kimberly Clark enjoys that we do real time design reviews rather than complete the entire drawing package and send it to them.  We do it by section so it’s a continuous process rather than batching.  If there are changes to be made, it’s less time consuming.”  ICC used its industry-leading Quality Control process as the basis for a custom program written specifically for Kimberly Clark.


ICC delivered panels with zero defects to Kimberly Clark’s manufacturing site in 2010, essentially launching the company as a trusted partner and setting a completely new standard for vendor quality.   Since that initial delivery, we have worked on close to 300 systems, including panels shipped to Russia, China, Israel, Costa Rica, Australia, Korea, North America and the Czech Republic.  Our partnership has expanded from Kimberly Clark’s Baby and Child Care brands (Huggies, Pull Ups) to include Kotex and the company’s Professional Care Group (medical masks, gloves).

In 2012 ICC expanded into the design and build of the Distributed Drive Panels.  ICC designed, built and tested and packaged panels for shipment to Kimberly Clark’s plant in China in five weeks.

The continued relationship with Kimberly Clark goes beyond the technical competence required to deliver quality product.  Customer service, flexibility and a commitment to bringing value helps manufacturers like Kimberly Clark overcome the risk sometimes associated with switching vendors.