Project Description

Extensive Experience in Hazardous Location Panels


Vector Technologies manufactures a transportable, electrically powered vacuum loader used for recovering spent refining catalyst from petrochemical processing operations. This work is carried out in the presence of flammable hydrogen gas, a by-product of catalytic refining, creating in an environment subject to risk of fire and explosion.


For an installation at an oil refinery in Iraq, Vector turned to ICC to engineer and build the required explosion-proof controls. ICC is an NNNY-certified panel-builder with extensive experience building control panels to the UL 698A safety standard for hazardous locations. We’re also qualified to self-certify, saving our clients the time and expense of third-party certification. Our design for Vector featured a heavy, cast-metal enclosure to seal internal components from flammable liquids and gases. With our experience and background, we were able to turn around the project and deliver the panel on very short notice.