Controls Product Development

Your Dream. Our Expertise.

The faster you bring your innovative product to market, the bigger the jump you’ll have on the competition. The Industrial Controls Company possesses the expertise required to make your product development journey from drawing board to shipping dock as swift and trouble-free as possible.

Our experience navigating the ins-and-outs of the regulatory obstacle course and our ability to self-certify allows us to fast-track the development process, putting your product out ahead of the pack.

Thanks to the volume and variety of our engineering projects, The Industrial Controls Company is able to dedicate specialists to the task of Compliance Assurance. We make it our job to be up-to-date with the latest twists and turns of the complex approval process every new product must face. We understand the relevant standards and we possess the qualifications to insure your product is appropriately certified.

You do the dreaming — we’ll make it happen.

We Teach Existing Technology To Do New Tricks

The Industrial Controls Company has developed products incorporating custom circuit boards of our own design. We’ve integrated components that wouldn’t normally plug together and gotten them to do jobs their designers could never imagine. In short, we bring to bear the kind of imagination to coax everyday technology into jumping through whatever hoops your project demands.
industrial controls product development
GE Energy sought our help bringing a very successful octane analyzer into the digital age. We worked hand-in-hand with GE engineers to develop a unit that significantly reduced operational time for acquiring octane ratings from samples. Our automated solution also cut back on operator involvement, helping GE customers save on training and personnel expenses. The results were so successful, when it came time for GE to update its diesel analyzer, they turned the development process over entirely to The Industrial Controls Company.

Another company, in the business of cleaning wastewater filtration membranes, needed a solution to alert their clients when a membrane was due for cleaning. We created a device to measure changes in flow rates and send a notice when pressure differentials across the membrane reached a predetermined ratio. The cleaning company then offered this device for sale to their clients. Cleaning calls became more frequent. The clients, meanwhile, enjoyed reduced energy costs — their pumps strained less often to push water through dirty filters — while extending the service life of filters costing upwards of $70,000.

For another customer, we developed a solution to automatically activate firehouse ventilation blowers whenever a fire truck engine started up. The finished system incorporated a thermostat, smoke sensor and toxic gas sensor along with a simple hardware store garage door opener wired into the control device. During abnormal or emergency conditions, the same system could turn on lights, sound horns and send email or text alerts to emergency responders.

All in all, we’ve had a hand in developing some pretty nifty products.

Got a bright idea? Give us a call. Let’s work together to make your dream a reality.