Engineering Programming Services

Even the most impressive hardware can be hindered without the right software behind it.  You need a program that doesn’t just “do the job” but is optimized for your application.

With the wide variety of customers and industries that The Industrial Controls Company services, we constantly learn and improve upon the ways we design and implement solutions.  You tap into these decades of experience with every program we write.

Sometimes it is simply configuring an off the shelf product; other times it is an application which has never been done before.  Whatever the scope of your project is, we can make it successful.

Control Platforms and HMIs

In today’s world the role, complexity, and volume of control platforms is constantly expanding.  At The Industrial Controls Company, our engineers take pride in staying on top of this evolving landscape. Our experience in PLC platforms includes Allen-Bradley, Modicon, Siemens, Horner, GE and others.  This breadth of knowledge enables us to provide you with recommendations for the best platform for your application, as well as leverage existing hardware and training you already possess.

Additionally, our engineers have an extensive background in Rockwell FactoryTalk View, UGS Factorylink, Wonderware, Intellulation, and other HMI/MMI/SCADA systems.  This knowledge empowers us to create a common operator interface across your applications – reducing training costs and decreasing operator errors.

Networking and Computing

With the inevitable progress of the Internet of Things, the function and value of connecting hardware to the network is increasing rapidly.  The Industrial Controls Company has experience with providing Ethernet TCP/IP network design, specification, and implementation to unlock the rich possibilities of communicating over the internet.

ICC can also provide expert design and implementation of small office networks and software including Windows workstations and servers, SQL Server, and Microsoft Office.

touchscreen control panel programming controls

Data Acquisition (SCADA)

The only useful data is that which decisions can be made from.

We start by asking the question “What problems do you want to solve?”  After the big picture is established, we will work with you on designing the metrics that need to be tracked, the data to be collected, and the hardware required to make all of this happen.

Once the system is designed, we utilize software applications such as Rockwell RSBizware and OPC to allow us to move your data from the plant floor to the top floor.   Examples of applications for data that The Industrial Controls Company has experience with includes: scheduling preventative maintenance, diagnosing issues, viewing trends over time, and more. Contact us to learn more about what a SCADA system can do for you.

Program Management and Control

Drawing upon our own experience managing hundreds of controls projects, we can offer expert guidance in program source control and document management using Rockwell RSMACC to ensure your staff is always working with the most up-to-date versions of critical programming and documentation.

Creating the right program for your specific application takes time and money.  At The Industrial Controls Company, we believe that since you paid for the engineering you should own the IP. This is why we send you a full copy of all the programs and drawings in our documentation package which comes with every order.