Labeling & Identification

Quality Industrial Labeling Solutions

Quality Starts With First Impressions.  Your product and your building should display the markings of quality and with the right labeling and signage you can set the tone for what your customer can expect – don’t just mark it, enhance it.  Your personal graphics artist at The Industrial Controls Company’s Labeling & Identification Division can help take your industrial identification, labels and commercial signage to a new level.

Our Labeling and Identification Division was started to fill a need for the labeling and identification of our own manufactured control panels at The Industrial Controls Company.  We required fast turnaround and great quality.  After struggling to find a company that could offer both, The Industrial Controls Company decided to invest in developing the capabilities of engraving and full color sublimation printing ourselves. This ensures the quality of control panel identification matches everything else we do.

Now a leader in the industrial labeling industry, we still operate with that same premise: to deliver quality at the speed of our own manufacturing demand, which in most cases is the same day.  Our processes have been designed around high mix, low volume production and change management.  Many of our customers are dealing with the same struggles: design changes on the production floor, custom designs that are truly “one-off” and like us, need suppliers that can deliver quality, on-time, all the time.

Expanding from our beginnings of machine tags and engraved lamacoids, we now also design and produce state of the art commercial signage and safety labeling & guarding.  From stainless steel to faux stainless and plastics, we have also grown in what materials we work with to deliver the optimal industrial identification solution for each and every one of our clients’ specific needs. Check out more of what our Labeling & Identification Division can do to enhance the first impressions of your product and building.