Industrial Identification

Quality Faceplates, Serial Labels & Machine Tags

Industrial environments are growing in complexity.  That means it’s important to not only mark all devices correctly, but sometimes it’s necessary to include detailed instructions for maintenance and replacement purposes.

The problem most often encountered is lack of durability and longevity of labels and tags.  Sometimes a custom sticker is OK, sometimes a plastic legend plate is required, and sometimes, a sheet of instructions engraved on stainless steel will be the only long term solution. Our industrial engraving experts will help you select the material that’s right for your work environment.

Face Plates

Dress up the front of your control panel or machine with a one-piece face plate instead of individual tags for each switch or button. Custom control panel face plates offer a cleaner more professional look. Full color aluminum offers a distinct professional look that will stand out. Engraved stainless steel face plates provide a permanent mark that is durable enough to withstand heavy use.


Mark important components throughout your facility with identification and instrument tags. Stainless steel identification tags provide a professional look along with durability while full color decals and aluminum tags provide an attractive alternative.


Mark and serialize your equipment with industrial serial tags. Engineered to withstand harsh environments and exposure to chemicals, water, or weather, our serial tags are made to fit any industry and need. From everyday plastic barcode tags to stainless steel serial tags for rugged outdoor use, we deliver the quality and reliability you need. Customize your tag with bar codes and a logo.

We provide highly specialized industrial labeling to individualize, identify and enhance the look of industrial parts and products, all with the speed, accuracy and creativity you can expect from the Industrial Controls Company.

Don’t just mark it – enhance it with the highest quality custom labels and plates available.