Chicago Area: The Control Masters Division

The Control Masters Division, located near Chicago, Illinois, offers you decades of Industrial Control System Integration experience, dating back to 1961. Count on us for everything from simple push button stations to complete plant wide control systems. We provide new solutions as well as seamless integration with existing systems.

The team that runs this division is dedicated to the completion of your project, both on time and within budget.  They know it is the key to your success.

Efficient and Smart

At the core of every successful project is our 11 step project methodology.  Each project may be unique, but what ensures success lies in our unyielding commitment to the process.

Ensuring success of your project requires planning, vision and experience.  At the very beginning, we apply our discipline to determining project scope, schedule, deliverables and proposed system architecture.  We make sure your project stays on the right path because team members use proactive communication.

Once functional specifications are approved, we create a detailed description of your new system as well as the acceptance test plan.  After these are successfully completed, we’re ready to move your project into system development and system integration.  During this stage, we do the hardware and software design as well as panel manufacture.

A multitude of rigorous testing ensures software and target machines are operating per functional specifications.   Because it is a critical milestone in the project, we invite every customer to our facility for the Factory Acceptance Test.   We execute test protocol and re-test until everything is right before shipping to the field for testing.  When it arrives at your sight, we provide expert installation supervision, system commissioning and start up.

Deep Experience

Both leadership and staff are made up of a talented roster of professionals.  Our extensive experience in controls has allowed us to work with leading companies and industries. Core competencies include Food, Chemicals, Plastics, Utilities, Transportation and Stamping.  Our application expertise is focused on Process Control, Batching, Continuous Blending, Motion Control and Material Handling.

Central Location Provides Easy Access

We are centrally located in the west suburban Chicago area. Control panel design and system integration services are provided from our facility that is complete with engineering, CAD and system simulation and testing capabilities.   


  • Industrial Control System Integration
  • Control Panel Design
  • Control System Development
  • Hardware and Software Design
  • Factory Acceptance Test
  • Engineering
  • CAD
  • Testing
  • Core competencies: Food, Chemicals, Plastics, Utilities, Transportation and Stamping.
  • Application expertise: Process Control, Batching, Continuous Blending, Motion Control and Material Handling.