Sussex, WI

The Sussex Division is located in the same building that houses our corporate headquarters.  Managed and staffed by a well-trained team of professionals, this production facility is capable of maintaining superior levels of quality over high-volume production runs of custom and standard control panels.

Efficient and Smart

We recognize the importance of delivering cost effective solutions and continually improving our processes.  They’re driving forces in our company culture and why we deploy intelligent approaches, such as cell-based and lean-manufacturing techniques to enhance the productivity of our skilled and experienced work force.  It’s also why the 10,000 square feet of manufacturing space is laid out for maximum efficiency.
Wisconsin industrial control systems
Our intelligent systems are run by an intelligent team of operations professionals.  For example, our quality systems and approach to communication are unlike that of any company in the industry.  That’s because our supervisors and employees are dedicated to continually measuring quality and finding new, innovative ways to build better control panels.

Rely on Skilled Craftsmen

Experienced and highly-skilled craftsmen will wire your panel.  In fact, our staff of wiremen has a combined 150 years of experience.  If they see something that doesn’t look right, they question it.  It’s another way to ensure only quality control panels ship out of our doors.

In-house Capabilities

We perform complete panel assembly, including low and high-voltage wiring, controls and components mounting, sub-panel assembly, from lamicoid and nameplate engraving to dunning and packaging. A bar code scanning system provides efficient inventory and finished goods tracking.

Our in-house metal fabrication capabilities include drilling, tapping and punching. We custom design and fabricate wiring harnesses, pre-bent tubing assemblies and pre-drilled sub-panels to drive down costs while speeding production. We also collaborate closely with an extensive network of reliable vendors to produce superior sub-assemblies at a price no one we know can match.


We can build and warehouse materials and finished product per your requirements — from just-in-time to blanket purchase orders and production fulfillment.  We can work with your preferred carrier or we can provide shipping to meet your needs, whichever you prefer.


  • Control Panel Design
  • Control System Development
  • Control Panel Assembly
  • Cell-based Manufacturing
  • Hardware and Software Design
  • Engineering
  • CAD
  • Testing
  • Lamicoid and Nameplate Engraving
  • Bar Code Scanning System
  • In-house metal fabrication capabilities include drilling, tapping and punching.
  • Custom design and fabricate wiring harnesses, pre-bent tubing assemblies and pre-drilled sub-panels.
  • Just-in-time to blanket purchase orders and production fulfillment.
  • Core competencies: Transportation, Oil & Gas, Hazardous Locations, Food & Beverage, Water & Waste Water Management, Material Handling.