Control Panel Manufacturing

Flexibility. Adaptability. Efficiency.

A reliable, quality-assured process for control panel manufacturing is as critical as the engineering of the control system itself.  At the Industrial Controls Company, our job is to cater the process for control panel manufacturing to the unique needs of your individual project, and not simply rely on pre-existing templates like other control panel manufacturers may.

We use lean manufacturing practices throughout our production process — from spec’ing components to shipping the finished order — ensuring maximum flexibility to adapt for short-run or high-volume control panel production, or even use in a hazardous location, whatever your project may require. Nimbleness and agility are attributes we emphasize, never cookie-cutter solutions.

Smart Choices, Every Step of the Way

We begin by reviewing any designs you submit for compliance with UL and other relevant standards. We also consider each design from the standpoint of cost-mitigation and will make recommendations accordingly. Before any work begins, we specify and document every detail of your build, right down to the layout and design of the work stations used to produce the build. During the build itself, we gather feedback from our highly experienced assembly teams, using their recommendations to make improvements to the process as we go.

Throughout our entire control panel manufacturing process, we employ Epicor ERP software to track the real-time progress of your control system build. Inspections are performed at multiple stages. In the case of an especially complex or large-scale build, your project will be assigned its own dedicated inspectors. The Industrial Controls Company aims to be a true collaborative control panel manufacturing partner for all of our customers. The way we see it, your success is our success.