Certifying Industrial Control
Panels To The NFPA 79 Standard

When designing and manufacturing a control panel, it is crucial to consider every aspect of the environment it will be operating in, to ensure it is designed to mitigate the risk of electrical and fire-related hazards.

Certifying a control panel without building it to the considerations of its operating environment provides an incomplete picture of the panel’s anticipated behavior in any incident or shutdown situation. This makes it extraordinarily difficult to predict dangers and mitigate the risk of injury, damage, and loss due to accident or malfunction.

With this in mind, The Industrial Controls Company will, when the project requires it, work to build panels that we manufacture to the NFPA 79 standard, which is a safety guideline for industrial machinery enforced to protect operators, equipment, facilities, and work-in-progress from fire and electrical hazards.  We design and manufacture highly specialized, one-off controls solutions from the ground up with the operating environment in mind, and believe that a panel should be designed for electrical safety by the team that built it.  Our ability to build our panels to this standard in-house ensures their compliance and suitability for the operating environment at every stage of the build, beyond what a third party can ensure.

The team at The Industrial Controls Company is a team that speaks “engineer,” and we build our control panels with the objective of providing consistent and dependable real-world performance.  Since we design your panel with the performance environment in mind, we are the team that can best ensure your panel’s safety and compliance to industry standards.