Hazardous Location (NNNY) Certification
For Industrial Control Panels

The manufacture of industrial control panels designed for use in hazardous locations and environments with an elevated risk of ignition and explosion is highly regulated just by nature of the application. But when a hazardous location panel is built by one team and certified by another, there are bound to be important details that are overlooked. It is important to choose a panel partner that can analyze your needs and design and certify a hazardous location panel suited to those needs.

For panels built for use in dangerous applications, there is zero room for error, and any error can be catastrophic.  This is why hazardous location panel manufacturing demands a partner who can both manufacture and certify your panel.  The first step anyone in need of hazardous location panels should take is to attain an area rating of the hazardous location. This should be done by a liability insurance company. Once an area rating is attained, you need a panel partner who can finish the job.

The Industrial Controls Company has undergone the rigorous testing & certification requirements of UL to be a manufacturer of custom-built and mass-produced hazardous location industrial control panels. The Industrial Controls Company is capable of certifying for Class I, Div I, and Div II, but not Class II. Additionally, we can do Intrinsically Safe circuit extensions. From ground-up design to self-certification of all explosion-proof panels, we personally ensure that every panel is compliant at every stage of the build.  Not only does our ability to certify our hazardous location panels in-house guarantee their compliance with industry certifications, but it also saves our customers the expense, delays, and logistical hassles of third-party, offsite certification.

Understand your Hazardous Location Needs


Explosion-proof panels prevent explosions by containing the blast. Their robust enclosures contain the flames and ignite elements inside, preventing damage to surrounding external equipment. We use a cast aluminum enclosure material to achieve this result. This kind of control panel is required when particles and gasses may float freely outside the panel and any combustion would cause a greater harm to the location.


Purge panels create a positive pressure and prevent ignition inside the enclosure by preventing particles and combustible gasses from entering. This kind of control panel protects the contents of the enclosure from ignition. All purge panels are required to be Pressure Tested, which ensures the quality of the seal and that the panel will not rupture under pressure.

Div II Componentry

This method for building hazardous location panels prevents ignition within the control panel by using components that will not spark. This method is similar to the requirements for intrinsically safe panels, but refers to the components inside the enclosure.

The Industrial Controls Company understands that in order to build a panel that will suit your needs, it is vital that we employ a unique team with expertise in both the engineering and manufacturing of hazardous location panels.  We believe the same team that builds your highly individualized, one-off controls solution should be the same team that certifies it to industry standards, as no other team understands our controls the way we do.