The Industrial Controls Company, Inc., an innovative control panel manufacturer and systems integrator, recently announced the re-launch of its Labeling & Identification product line.  The product line offers industrial and commercial companies a one-stop source for quick turnaround, high quality signage, industrial identification, and safety labeling & guarding.  Professional graphic artists design labeling & identification products that significantly improve the appearance and safety of machines, offices, conference rooms and buildings.

Industrial and commercial markets are looking for new ways to make a strong first impression.  Products and buildings should display the markings of quality and with the right labeling and signage; businesses can set the tone for what their customers expect – a professional appearance.

According to Don Lavrenz, President, “Our engraving department was started to fill a need for the labeling and identification of our own manufactured control panels at The Industrial Controls Company.  We needed fast turnaround and great quality.”  After struggling to find a company that could offer both, The Industrial Controls Company decided to invest in developing the capabilities of engraving and full color sublimation printing in-house.

Now called Labeling & Identification, the newly re-launched product line is managed under this premise: to deliver high quality at the speed of manufacturing‘s demand.  In many cases that means it’s ready the same day.  Processes have been designed around high mix, low volume production and change management.  Many customers experience similar process challenges: design changes on the production floor and custom designs that are truly “one-off”.  The market calls for suppliers that can deliver consistent quality, on-time.

The product line consists of commercial signage, industrial identification and safety labeling & guarding.