On October 7, 2019, EnviroMix, an ICC partner, began the start-up of a BioMixTM Compressed Gas Mixing System in three new equalization basins. This has been EnviroMix’s largest project to date.

The Industrial Controls Company worked with EnviroMix, designing, manufacturing, and testing 15 total panels for the project including:
– 11 valve panels which house the pneumatic manifolds
– 3 remote I/O control panels (one for each of the 3 basins at the site) which control the valve panels
– 1 main control panel which controls all of the remote I/O panels

The new facility will equalize runoff from the airport including propylene glycol deicing chemical prior to discharge to the municipal wastewater treatment plant. The final installations will take place in December, concluding the project. The Industrial Controls Company continues to be proud of our partnership with EnviroMix!