In our company credo, we state that we are in the people business.  Providing engineering services and control panels is simply the channel we use to create the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

To deliver that requires talent, commitment and resources.  That’s why we hire the right people.  Nikki Christman is a good example. On August 1, 2018 she was promoted to Customer Service Manager.

It’s only fitting that Nikki be promoted, given her years of account management and customer service experience along with her problem-solving abilities and communication skills. She’s been with ICC for 7 years – starting as a receptionist and quickly moving into the role of Engineering Coordinator.

According to Don Lavrenz, President, “Nikki truly embodies the level of customer service and the “we will make it happen” attitude that makes ICC successful. Not only does she work to become a genuine partner to our customers, she’s also a great person.”

As Customer Service Manager, she’ll serve as the dedicated point of contact for customers, managing a streamlined, efficient line of communication. Nikki sees it this way, “ICC customers operate in fast-paced environments. It’s my job to make sure they receive timely support for any issues or requirements they have. I often have the answer they’re looking for and if I don’t, I know who to bring in.”

Nikki’s favorite thing about working at ICC? “It’s the people and the atmosphere. It’s a great learning environment. I’ve learned from the best. You can grow at a company like this. And it’s a family atmosphere here.”

Please feel free to contact her at (262) 372-4595 with any requests or to congratulate her on the promotion!