The team at The Industrial Controls Company, Inc. would like to thank Werner Electric and Staff Electric for selecting us on the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) project.

MMSD provides water reclamation and flood management services for about 1.1 million people in 28 communities in the Greater Milwaukee Area. They are replacing the 23 drives which control pumps at various stages of the water reclamation process.

Control panels built by The Industrial Controls Company, Inc. are designed with real world functionality and ease of use in mind.  Our engineers take every opportunity possible to make small additions or thoughtful tweaks in the design process to go above and beyond expectations.

For instance, a component in the new panels for MMSD had the ability to sense a high temperature issue. Additional logic was added to alert the operator of the high temperature state, send a signal to the external PLC, and engage protective measures inside the panel.  None of these were requirements of the specification, but they are features that ICC would expect if it were in the customer’s position.

The design of the units not only benefited the customer, but also the general contractor.  This was ICC’s first partnership with Staff Electric Company, Inc., and things couldn’t have started off any better. During the initial assessment of the project, it was noted that existing wiring conditions for each of the 23 units were extremely varied and would be expensive to modify.

In order to accommodate these conditions, the control wiring terminals were installed to be adjustable.  This feature allowed the inputs and outputs to the panel to be moved to wherever the control wiring terminated in the existing conditions, saving the general contractor from splicing or running new wire. As Rob Tutkowski at Staff Electric Company, Inc. put it:

“The Industrial Controls Company, Inc. has provided us with exceptional design assistance and manufacturing of 23 drive panels for installation in two Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District locations, encompassing five different building. It was imperative they fit into the existing infrastructure as well as function properly in an environment the can get pretty warm. We looked to ICC to help solve these design challenges with creative thinking and they delivered.”

Smooth startups, exceeding expectations…all in a day’s work at The Industrial Controls Company, Inc.