Case Studies

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

It is not luck nor coincidence for panel after panel to be installed and running within hours.  How can The Industrial Controls Company, Inc. (ICC) […]


The collaborative design partnership between Hydro-Thermal and The Industrial Controls Company, Inc. is an excellent blend of expertise. They know their equipment and industry; we know system controls! And in food processing, equipment matters as much as ingredients.

Food & Beverage

A partnership with The Industrial Controls Company saved a large packaged foods company time, trouble and expense despite major language barriers.


Partnering with Xylem, The Industrial Controls Company, Inc. worked relentlessly toward the goal of standardizing the company’s control systems. The results are dramatic: increased efficiency in design and documentation as well as reduced lead times.

Vector Technologies

The Industrial Controls Company partnered with Vector Technologies because we have extensive experience in the design and build of Hazardous Location Panels. And we’re qualified to self-certify, saving customers the time and expense of third-party certification.

Kimberly Clark

When it comes to designing and manufacturing control panels for OEM’s, The Industrial Controls Company has helped set a completely new standard for quality, communications and process expertise. These provide the foundation for ICC’s relationship with global consumer products manufacturer, Kimberly Clark.


Demonstrating an unyielding commitment to customer success, The Industrial Controls Company created the ideal control panel solution for the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA). And we did it on-time and on-budget.

Pflow Industries

The Industrial Controls Company helps Pflow Industries, a national manufacturer of lift systems, successfully achieve its delivery promises.

GE Power & Water

GE Power & Water manufactures a popular and successful octane analyzer. While the marketplace loved the product, the design dated back to the 1920’s and hadn’t seen a major upgrade since the 1950’s. Servicing these units was becoming a challenge as replacement parts grew increasingly scarce.

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