Classroom Industrial Trainers

Classroom Industrial TrainersThe Industrial Controls Company will help you enhance the student experience in the classroom. We partner with technical colleges to design and build Classroom Trainers for their specific curriculum needs.


Our on-staff engineers have deep experience in real world process control applications and an extensive background in collaborating with educators. We know how to bridge the gap between factory and classroom. With a Classroom Trainer designed and built from the ground up, you’ll have the confidence of knowing students are using state-of-the-art training tools. With your vision and our expertise, it gets done right the first time!

Designed for highly effective training, simulation and testing.

  • Enhances your instructors’ ability to demonstrate wiring, design, and programming best practices
  • Is representative of what your students will be working with in their post-education careers
  • Whether it’s basic programming or advanced motion control, electro-mechanical or hydraulic, each unit is tailored for your curriculum
  • Built with durability and longevity in mind

“This unit is an invaluable classroom tool. They customized it around our specific needs.”

~ Jack Thielke, Northcentral Technical College



Designed and built from the ground up.Will enhance your student’s classroom experience, ensuring that you get the right training tool for your classroom.
Lightweight 80/20 industrial aluminum frame.Minimizes weight and is easy to move and store.
Polycarbonate panels on the sides and back.Provides maximum visibility and allows students to safely see wiring best practices.
Brushed stainless steel front panel.Ensures your custom trainer will withstand constant use.
Laser etched.Easy-to-read labeling including your customized school logo.


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